Salt Pots Take-away Painting Instructions


Thank you for choosing a Salt Pots Paint at Home Kit!  Please read the instructions below to get the best results for your finished pieces.  When you have finished, please book your pottery back in to be fired and glazed.  Please return any unused glazes and your paintbrushes and sponges in a bag or box with your name and phone number.  We will contact you when your pottery is ready for collection (usually 7 days).



With Pottery Glazes – Key points

  • Only use the pottery glazes provided. Paints, pens, nail varnish and any other coloured substances will not be fired as they cannot survive the kiln temperatures and so they burn off and in doing so can cause problems with other items in the kiln.
  • Aim for 2 or 3 coats if you want solid coverage. I coat will show brush strokes, 2 will look hand painted and 3 will be solid
  • Allow to dry between coats (ready for another coat when not shiny)
  • The colour when wet is very much like the colour when glazed but as it dries it will look more chalky and pastelly. Do not worry about this!
  • For help with footprints please see the video on the website – lots of people have used this to produce some amazing prints!
  • Anything you don’t paint will be white so you don’t have to paint white – unless you want to.
  • You can draw a design with any felt tip pen and all the marks you make will disappear in the kiln so be sure to paint over it!
  • Cotton buds and the wrong end of the paintbrush are great for putting spots on and for putting dots in eyes of animals and princesses
  • All finished pottery once glazed will be food safe but the glaze manufacturer does recommend to avoid putting into the dishwasher or microwave
  • If you would like me to add any writing for you please buy “writing” on the website if you haven’t already done so (£3.50 per item) and enclose clear details with phone number of what you would like when you return your pots.
  • Pottery glazes are water based, non-toxic and washable.

When finished please book your pottery in for glazing and firing at and then return your pieces together with your brushes, left over paints etc and your name and phone number.  We will call as soon as your pots are ready and you can then book a collection slot.


With Acrylics – Key points

  • Put lightest colours on first and darkest last where possible
  • Water down paints as much as you like
  • No need to return these items as they cannot be fired. All paint left over can be used to paint any other items you would like.
  • Please be careful with acrylics as they can stain, so we recommend aprons and table coverings.