Baby and Family prints

We can print your baby’s hand or foot print onto any piece of pottery with a large enough surface are including vases, jugs, photo frames, tea pots, piggy banks, mugs, coasters and more!  Just choose the pottery you like and we will help you get the best prints possible. Your beautiful keepsake will be ready to collect in 7 days.

Silver jewellery

We will take a print of your baby’s hands and/or feet with a special wipe and sensitive paper which is then shrunk to size and stamped into silver jewellery.  There is a large choice of jewellery – just ask to see our brochure.  Your stunning silver jewellery is ready to collect in 7 to 14 days, and once we have the prints we can reproduce on other items whenever you want.

Clay imprints

We can take clay imprints by pressing hands and/or feet into soft wet clay.  You can choose the style, colour, text and whether you would like a frame.  After taking the prints we trim the clay to size and dry it very slowly.  The clay plaque is then fired, painted, dipped in glaze and then fired again.  It is then ready for framing and collecting.  It takes a up to 6 weeks for your special keepsake plaque to be ready to collect.  Because firing ceramics is an extreme process wherever possible we will take an insurance print so that if cracks have occurred we will still be able to produce you print.

Clay imprint prices

Up to 1 year old £40 unframed, £60 framed (2 hands/feet or 1 hand+1foot)

Up to 5 years £45 unframed, £70 framed (2 hands/feet or 1 hand+1foot)

Set of 3 prints £50 unframed – framed by arrangement

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